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valentina campos

region: Bolivia

Valentina Campos is a third generation artist, mother and farmer from Bolivia. Valentina co-founded "Kunaymana", a co-operative of Aymara women from two communities of Lake Titicaca, created to protect and
strengthen culture/agriculture.

In 2000, Valentina began creating a series of paintings, entitled "Siembra de Mamalas", reflecting sowing rituals, the role of women-seeds in the Andean cosmovision, and the proteccion of biodiversity. She has exhibited this series and has spoken internationally.

She and her familly are part of “Uywana Wasi" (Casa de la Crianza) a center for mutual learning and cultural affirmation, nurturing local wisdoms, with a collective of local indigenous farmers and artists in the town of Totorkawa; Cochabamba, Bolivia.


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