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coumba toure

region: Mali, Senegal, west Africa
website: Ashoka Sahel

Coumba Toure feels she is living an exciting life always! On a regular basis, she meets people dedicated to work for social change. Currently, as the director of the Sahel/West Africa region of Ashoka Foundation, she is looking for system-changing new ideas and for people with the ethics and commitments to make things happen. This keeps her in touch with positive happenings and wise insights, as well as with the struggles, mistakes and misconceptions people have/make. Coumba is also running the Falia Children’s Program in Dakar, in which children’s brilliance in poetry, theater, visual arts and writing, consistently enchants her. She is running a publishing house, to put more children’s books out to the public. These days, Coumba is learning to live with intimacy, without fear. She dreams of living outside of the city, finding ways to use solar energy, growing food, being more patient with herself and others, trusting her intuitions, and having more time for her writing.


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