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malika sanders-fortier

region: the south, USA

Malika Asha Sanders–Fortier works with the Grassroots Democracy Commission, the 21st Century Youth Leadership Movement, and the Slavery and Civil War Museum. The Grassroots Democracy Commission attempts to involve people with democratic processes and make it live up to its ideals, as opposed to allowing democracy to be used as a smokescreen to oppress people. The Slavery and Civil War Museum reenacts what it might have been like for stolen Africans in the Middle Passage. Malika helps to host healing circles for the descendants of those who survived the African slave trade, who suffer from ‘post-traumatic slave syndrome’. She also hosts healing circles with the descendants of enslaved Africans and the descendants of slave owners, in order to address the legacy of slavery and racism in our everyday lives. As a resource specialist, Malika reconnects young people to the land and helps heal their relationship to it, through agricultural and organic gardening projects in Tuskagee, Alabama. She is the mother of three children and loves learning and sharing. Malika also loves theater, especially ‘edutainment’, and traveling and connecting with people working for freedom all over the world.


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