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about the global collaborative

why did we form?

In a day where organizations abound and stagnate, we feel it is important to clarify our intentions behind the GC. All of us found ourselves fundamentally transformed through the World Jam experience. So we feel foremost the GC is an opportunity to build upon that experience and expand its energy into our lives and work.

We come together to reflect on our lives and work, to get new ideas and share insights, and to challenge and be challenged by our peers, in order to take our work to the next level. In the GC, we are exploring our growing edges community building, healthy living, bridge-building, solidarity, self-, social- and ancestral-healing, moving resources, etc. Our diverse contexts and different fields of work help us to link issues and build a sense of the whole. We push the envelope, to offer insights and new questions global and local conversations about social change.

The GC is a loving and supportive community of friends, whose mutual trust, respect, investment, shared values and perspectives make self- and co-learning, and collaboration, possible. Our energy and experiences have crossed borders, touched each other’s local communities, and been a source of support and inspiration on many levels.

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