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salim mohamed

region: kenya, east africa

Salim tries to bring hope, love, possibility and empowerment into peoples’ lives at the most grassroots level and in the most real ways. Originally from Nyeri, the capital of Kikuyu lands, he was abandoned by his parents at an early age. He spent his first four years of life on the streets of Nairobi with his grandmother, and was subsequently taken to Mama Fatuma Children’s Home. While there, Salim set up a youth soccer team, and within a few years, he was chair of the entire youth sports association, with a membership of 16,000 people. He now coordinates a community development, sports and health program for over 4,000 youth in Kibera, the largest slum in East Africa. The program addresses ethnic violence, youth unemployment, and public health. Salim has worked as a consultant to help launch youth sports associations in Ghana and Nigeria. He has been nominated to serve on the Diversity For Peace Advisory Board with Nobel Peace Laureates Oscar Arias Sanchez, Mairead Corrigan Maguire, and Norman Borlaug.


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